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Measurements: Unless otherwise stated in the product description fabric width is 110cm/44inch and 100% cotton. Fabrics are cut from the bolt in the full order amount. Unless otherwise stated fabric orders are sold and priced by the unit measurement of 0.25m (25cm) meaning if you require 1 metre you will need to place an order for 4 units, 2 metres equals 8 units, etc. Sale or discounted fabrics may have a larger unit of measurement of 0.5m (50cm) which will be advised in the product description.

Colour: Due to variations in how individual screens display colour, the product colours shown on this website should be considered as an example only and not an exact representation. We do not refund or return products if the colour you have chosen is not as you had thought. For critical applications or exact matches please contact us directly or supply a sample

In-store availability: Fabrics in our online shop will NOT be available in-store. Our online fabrics are kept in a different location. We do offer an in-store pickup service so you are able to make your purchase and then collect your item in-store. Please make your purchase through the cart system and select the In-store Pickup in the delivery options.  Please see below for details about In-store Pickup. 

Checkout: There are five steps to our checkout system and these five steps need to be completed for your order to be finalised. Please be aware that in the fourth step for payment you will be directed to a new PayPal window for your payment information. Once this step is complete you will automatically be returned to our checkout page where you must complete step five by clicking the large black button to finalise and make your purchase. If you do not complete this last confirmation your order will not be placed. 

Fabric Categories: We try to add new ranges into the fabric category that most makes sense for that range. However, you may see fabrics in categories that you think may not be right, for example a check print in the floral category. We are currently adding full ranges into the same category so that they can all be easily seen together as a range. But what that means is that if there are co-ordinates in a range (like a check fabric in a mostly floral range) some fabrics may look out of place. 



Pricing: All prices are in AUD dollars. Prices and products may change at the discretion of VanCootens Howard Drapery.

Shipping - Australia: All shipping is via Australia Post. At checkout you may see various options for postage, please select the option that suits you the best. 

  • No Tracking - If your fabric purchase is under a certain weight it may be able to be sent via letter post rather than parcel post. This option is much cheaper but DOES NOT INCLUDE TRACKING. Please be aware that if this method of shipping is selected than it is at the risk of you, the customer. Lost or missing items will not be the responsibility of VanCootens Howard Drapery. Delivery times will vary depending on destination, please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Tracking - Orders are sent via Australia Post Parcel Post and include tracking. You will be sent a confirmation email which will include your tracking number. Delivery times will vary depending on destination, please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Express Post - Orders are sent via Australia Post Parcel Post and include tracking. You will be sent a confirmation email which will include your tracking number. Delivery times will vary depending on destination, please allow 2-6 days for delivery.

  • In-store Pickup - Parcels will be packaged and available for pick up within one business day of order. If you have any urgent or special requirements for pick up please let us know so we can do our best to accommodate you. Please be aware that if you have selected this option your item WILL NOT be mailed out to you. If you are unable to collect your purchase please contact us so we can arrange a postage payment.

All options do not include insurance or signature on delivery. Should you require insurance and/or signature on delivery, please contact us directly so we can supply you with a specific shipping cost. All delivery schedule details can be found on the Australia Post website

Shipping - International: Automatic international shipping to the United States of America and Canada is available via our cart system. This postage includes tracking and the delivery time for these parcels is 1-2 weeks. We currently do not include any other international shipping options within our online cart system. If you live outside of Australia, USA or Canada we will happily post you a mail order. Please contact us directly with your order and we will email you out a personalised PayPal invoice that will include the specific postage for that order. Postage to International destinations will be charged at Australia Post International postage rates. Any additional fees incurred after dispatch are payable by the customer. 

GST: All products on this site include GST. 

Refunds & Returns:  If you have received a faulty product or are unhappy with your purchase for another reason please contact us as soon as possible so we can speak to you directly. We will do our best to either replace, repair or refund as best suits each individual situation.

Privacy and Security Notice: We recognise and respect your privacy and treat your personal information as private. All personal details provided will be kept safe, secure and confidential and will not under any circumstances be distributed to third parties without your explicit permission.  

Our website is run via Squarespace. Squarespace checkout and payment pages are served over SSL. Our ecommerce is run through PayPal. PayPal is secure and encrypted.